Dominate the Competition

Athletic Movement Center develops an athlete’s greatest level of performance specific to the needs of their sport and position.

The Movement Method

  1. Fascia release, flexibility, and neuromuscular activation for ease of movement
  2. Spine and hips corrective exercises for proper alignment for stability and balance
  3. Joint isolations for injury prevention and joint strength
  4. Partial and full range of motion strength training
  5. Strength to speed movement coordination
  6. Power
  7. Power and energy conditioning


The first phase, JRT, will isolate each joint to ensure that there are no weaknesses. In order to be FAST, each muscle around the joint must perform its function with ease. For a joint to have ease of movement, it must be flexible, sturdy, and recovered. Once an athlete progresses in JRT they will move into FAST with a JRT component to ensure joints maintain ease of movement.



The second phase, FAST, focuses on teaching movement coordination, energy metabolism, and introduces the foundational needs for optimized power. Being FAST requires each joint to not only have optimal ease of movement but maximized force production. This phase increases an athlete’s ability to accelerate and change direction with maximized power while teaching the proper movement techniques needed for maximal efficiency. In order to get AMPed, an athlete must have technique, energy metabolism, and force to become advanced.


The third phase, AMPed, focused on increases in force and energy production relative to being able to perform at high levels for the entire competition. The highest levels of strength and conditioning require an athlete to move efficiently to ensure injury prevention. Workouts in this phase will have components of JRT and FAST but with a more conditioning focus to the specific needs of your sport.

About the Owner

Ben Moulden created Athletic Movement Center to help athletes compete at high levels. 

After being a multi-sport athlete and playing football in college, his goals for the company are to empower others to create memories they can be proud of through hard work, consistency, and personal growth.

As an athlete,  Ben was faced with consistent injury, eventually ending his football career. Because he didn’t take the rehabilitation process seriously, he could not regain athletic form. Now as a coach, Ben is motivated to help others prevent injury through both his philosophy and his cornerstone program: Joint Recovery Training.

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