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Success as an athlete depends on joint health, power or endurance, and coordination. The Athletic Movement Center corrects joint imbalances, increases speed and power, and improves strength and conditioning all specific to your positional needs and goals.

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The Movement Method

At the Athletic Movement Center, our philosophy for athletic development is based on the improvement of three foundational components; joint health, movement force, and energy metabolism of the kinetic chain. The kinetic chain is the body and how it creates, transfers, and absorbs energy through movement. Healthy joints transfer energy with ease. If a joint is stiff, has been hurt, or has muscular imbalances, force transfer cannot be maximized. Joint health and movement force is needed to accelerate/decelerate, change direction, and engage in reaction. The greater you can produce force the better you will be at movement.

The components of movement force is broken down to the neuromuscular relationship of directional strength and speed. These two attributes must be maximized and then sustained for the duration of competition. The ability to produce repetitive force is related to your ability to produce and store specific energy relative to muscle fiber type. These energy demands are unique to power and endurance which are specific to muscle fiber type which can either increase or decrease performance. A program that focuses to much on endurance will hinder power output and vice versa, so training must reflect positional needs and demands of that sport.
Sports/positional needs:
(Repetitive Force = (strength x speed = power) x energy production)


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